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  • Due diligence
  • Related parties’ transactions
  • Retirement village units and houses
  • Caveats
  • Stamp duty issues
  • Nomination issues
  • Mortgages and securities

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Published in Conveyancing on 18th Aug 2017

Generally, VOI will be conducted via a face-to-face meeting where the solicitor/conveyancer will inspect current, original identity documents such as a passport and drivers licence or birth/citizenship certificate and Medicare card or healthcare card. Copies of these documents will then be retained and stored securely by the solicitor/conveyancer for a period of seven years. Once completed, VOI is valid for two years and can be used in any number of conveyancing transactions during that time. If you are unrepresented, and are dealing in property or land, you must still meet the Victorian Government’s VOI requirements and have your identity verified by an Approved Identity Verifier. RKL...

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